J. Anthony Martinez is one of the most sought after wedding photographers on Maui. From live events to commercial photo shoots, Anthony is versatile in anything he's involved with. In his own words: “I think the camera chose me. When I experience the world through the lens, my senses become enhanced and it feels entirely natural."


Born & raised in Orange County California.  I began playing with the camera at the young age of 6.  Although, It was during a class trip to Washington D.C. when I discovered my innate ability for seeing the world through the lens.  I was 13 then and knew that I wanted to become a professional photographer.  High school provided the groundwork for furthering my photography passions.  I spent most of my free time in the darkroom.  Shooting black & white film and processing my own images was mind blowing and it really pushed me to start seeing light and patterns in a completely different way.

I went on to study abroad as an exchange student in Brazil.  After my exchange program, my studies continued at Colorado Mountain College, where I then earned an Associate in Applied Science degree in professional photography.

Upon graduating with my photography degree, I went on to become a photojournalist for a large newspaper.  Shortly thereafter,  I began photographing weddings in Boulder, Colorado.  Intrigued by the range of emotions, my transition into weddings came quite natural.   I soon realized that this type of celebration provided an environment that was both fun and inspirational for me as a photojournalist.

I then moved to Maui, Hawaii with my high-school sweet heart.  We married and now raise our two wonderful daughters on this beautiful island.

Simple moments with my family are the best!  Some of my greatest passions in life are good food, traveling, swimming in the ocean and all things DIY.

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I look forward to sharing this life experience with you.